Making Bob’s Red mill pancakes palatable

I normally love Bob’s red mill products. I enjoy their organic soy beans, organic oatmeal, flax seeds, beans, you name it. That said, their multigrain pancake and waffle mix is just plain disgusting. I’ve followed their instructions on the package and it just comes out gross. Both, the pancakes and the waffles.

If you got some however, please don’t throw them out. Here’s how to make them taste better. I was watching an episode of Diner Revival where Amanda Freitag show someone how to make a gluten free pancake and used a banana. That inspired me to give it a shot and it worked well! When following instructions, add a banana to the mix before putting them in the blender.

It’ll add just the texture you want. They’ll taste almost like regular pancakes. Of course, add maple syrup or honey to your liking. 🙂

The Next Food Network Star Season 4

After the last episode, a few of my picks are gone – Kevin Roberts and Nipa Bhatt– both of whom I thought had a chance are out of the competition. Aaron McCargo Jr.… eh … maybe. He’s hit and miss. Sometimes, he can have some showmanship, but I think he’s a better cook than a TV star. I think the most complete package still is with Kelsey Nixon. I’ll be very surprised if she’s eliminated anytime before the final two. I wanted to say final four, but we’re almost already there!

My pick for The Next Food Network Star Season 4


This show’s awesome! I think I’d watch a show from almost any of these stars. All of the people are very beautiful – they all have great potential.

Who am I picking to win this? (Please bear in mind this is just from watching 1 show.) Well, here are those that I like (not in order):

Aaron McCargo Jr. – great food – 2 iron chefs liked it.

Kelsey Nixon – excellent personality, great energy and stage presence – definitely has what it takes to be on TV. The way she handled the judges questions, it was awesome! She’s also VERY HOT!

Kevin Roberts – the guy is funny … can’t say much more, but have the feeling that he’s got a shot.

Nipa Bhatt – I actually have the feeling she’s NOT going to win, but I feel that she has great potential. Her confidence I think is great. She’s got good answers to judges questions and could handle being put on the spot … but seeing her say “I can’t handle this anymore,” we’ll see what happens. She, like Kelsey, is also very beautiful.

Shane Lyons – I think this young kid’s got a good shot as well – seeing him breakdown in episode 1 I think helped him – it showed his love for food and his pride in his work.

Of these guys … I’m picking Kelsey.

Sushi Dai is way better than Sushi Yamato in Tsukiji (Japan)

It’s really ridiculous how different the two sushi places are in terms of service while they’re right next to each other and look the same as well. They both have similar amounts of traffic as well.

Here’s a good review of Sushi Dai: … 4654633758

Another review for Sushi Dai: … -BR-1.html

    Sushi Dai had better service as even though we did the set (omakase), we were asked if there was anything that we didn’t eat. (I don’t like octopus or uni.)
    The egg in at Sushi Dai was hot and fresh where the one at Yamato was cold and looked like it sat there for a while.
    At Sushi Dai, we were given the items one at a time and told what they were. At Yamato, they just kept throwing stuff in front of us making it feel rushed.
    At Sushi Dai, we were offered different tastes for example, the choice between salt and soy sauce and a citrus flavored piece whereas at Yamato, they were all soy sauce flavored.
    At Sushi Dai, I was able to use chopsticks to eat all of my pieces. At Yamato, my pieces kept falling apart.


Wasabi & Ginger – San Francisco, CA

Wasabi & Ginger
2299 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109

This is yet another Chinese owned Japanese restaurant. The food isn’t bad.

Spider roll was awesome +10

Nabeyaki Udon was okay +5

Raw fish was okay, but not fresh as I thought it would be according to other reviews -5

Bathroom was typical, but faucet was broken -1

No “irashaimase” (Welcome at the door) -1

Waitress didn’t know what shichimi was (flavor for Udon) -1

Boss was around, so service was good +5

Free ice cream! +5

So overall, I’d say, this place is pretty good. It deserves 4 stars.

City View Restaurant – San Francisco – bad

662 Commercial Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 398-2838 “Sorry guys, I can only give it 1 star and that’s being generous because I’m giving it the star based on cleanliness. It’s clean compared to most Chinese restaurants. The dim sum is between mediocre to poor and Chinatown being so close by, I’d much rather walk to Chinatown and pick some up there and get similar quality and pay half the price. Koi Palace I still find is the best – I occasionally get bad food there, but it’s still the best on average. Here’s my analysis:
– cleanliness +1
– no hostess at the door – I didn’t even know what to do – just walk in and see a small barrier in front – should I seat myself? wasn’t sure -1
– waiter asked if I wanted tea – didn’t bother to ask what kind of tea … just tea … and brought a couple of cups and a pot. -1
– they all tried to speak English – this is good with non-Chinese speaking folks, but they didn’t understand me in English! I asked for vinegar 3x! So I asked in Chinese. -1
– shu mai – okay. was good compared to everything else. +1
– some good uncommon dishes – mostly fried, but they were good +1
– sand in my scallop gow (pretty common as it’s hard to clean, but the scallop seemed to have been processed – didn’t have the chewy texture -1
– ha gow – bad texture – soft and now chewy -1
– near the end of closing, a guy walked up and mumbled – I didn’t know what he said (it was something in Chinese), so I just shook my head and he took the check and calculated it -1 My girlfried said this place was almost like Koi Palace. Sorry… food quality is not even close. Price is a bit high too – I think it may be around the same. This place wouldn’t be my choice – ever.”]]>

Omaha steaks is awesome!

(1 pkg.) Boneless Pork Chop 4/4 Oz
(1 pkg.) Stfd Sole W/scps&crb 2/4.5
(1 pkg.) Gourmet Franks 8/3
(1 pkg.) Chicken Breasts 4/4 Oz
(1 pkg.) Potatoes Stfd Baked 4/5.75 Oz
Omaha Steaks Burgers 12 It was so amazing – I couldn’t believe that they could ship UPS and it would stay frozen for so many days. (I was cheap – did ground shipping) I just cooked 2 of the Top Sirloins and man they were awesome! I didn’t even bother to thaw it – just cooked it on top of a frying pan and threw some garlic salt on it. Had one of the stuffed potatoes along with it and some frozen corn/peas (didn’t come with it). whew! what a meal! Their website is: Highly recommended if you can get a deal like mine!]]>