Samsung Refrigerators are pieces of shit!

If you’re considering a new fridge, don’t buy a Samsung! We bought it because we thought it looked good. Also, it was about $1500. Not cheap. We didn’t think that an expensive fridge would be of such poor quality. I should’ve decided based off one of the reviews I read. Since there were relatively few of the same review, I didn’t think this problem would happen to me. Boy was I wrong! The fridge I got was a piece of crap! It worked for just over a year, just for it to go out of warranty and had to be fixed.

The vegetable boxes (crispers) were getting filled with water! Whatever food we had there got wet. If there was packaging, the water would seep through the packaging. The wife used paper towels and sponges and towels to absorb the water. As shown in the picture below, the water that made it out of the crisper into the fridge would become ice. It was a total nightmare!

I fixed it using a YouTube video. Here are a few I watched.

I have not tried draining the water in the back. I will junk the fridge before going through that pain!

We bought the Samsung RF18HFENBSP fridge 12/5/2016. The crispers filled with water around 1/15/2017. I cleared the ice out of the back of it and drain around that time. It filled up again around May 2018.

I tried calling Samsung technical support and they were almost utterly useless. They offered to pay for the parts, but not the labor for repair. In this episode of CBC Marketplace (Canadian show), the woman is persistent and gets Samsung to fix it free.

Around the end of the year, January 2019, we decided on a last ditch effort to save the fridge. If this didn’t work, we would give up and junk it. We decided to clear out the fridge and the freezer for 2 days. Just let all of the water out and it totally flooded the kitchen. We were prepared for it – we left towels all over to make sure that the water didn’t go anywhere we didn’t want it to go.

Hopefully it fixed it, but I think the problem will probably come back again. I’ll post the status in a few months.

Please post in the comments section below if you have any ideas or experience. Would love to get some help on this.


Update to the fix posted here:

5 thoughts on “Samsung Refrigerators are pieces of shit!”

  1. I have spent so far 6 hours and 19 phone calls trying to get my money back on a 16 month old fridge been told 3 times I’m getting refund (1/2 of what I paid) because they can’t find anyone to repair it-don’t ever buy Samsung

  2. Thanks for sharing. I spent some time on the phone with Samsung where they said they would pay for the part, but not the labor. For me to fix it, the part was $7. 🙂

  3. Don’t ever buy Samsung appliances, they are the absolute worst ever!!! The refrigerator is the worst fridge we have ever owned, buy American if you can!

  4. I have a Samsung refrigerator I took a chance on it was very expensive and it’s a piece of shit! I’m 58 years old I’ve never seen a refrigerator that doesn’t make ice. It takes forever to make ice. it’s Always out of ice. I wait hours to see ice in the compartment. I can’t even believe it could be so bad. Now , The shelf already broke it’s 2 years old. Thank God I got The extended warranty but they only pay for 50% of the parts. It just blows my mind how they can make such a poor ice maker. They have a button that says rapid ice meanwhile it’s like the slowest ice that never comes. Rapid ice what a joke!!!

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