do NOT use service network restart to change the vswif0 IP!

If you’re using HA, this will break! If you just edit the /etc/sysconfig files to change your vswif IP, it will work, but will break HA as it will still think you still have your old IP. You will need to use esxcfg-vswif and delete and recreate the vswif. Also make sure you fix /etc/hosts as well.

/etc/hosts and DNS is very damn important for VMware HA!

I really wish that AAM had better error messages. The error in the add_node_config or something log showed that it couldn’t bind to the port. The issue was that it couldn’t bind to the port on a different host! The reason was because DNS or /etc/hosts file had a different IP from what was vswif0. Make sure that your hostname resolves to your vswif0 IP!

How to configure HA failover custom settings on VI3

“cd /opt/LGTOaam512/bin”
“./ftcli” Now you should see the AAM prompt AAM> “AAM>getfailuredetectioninfo” You will see something like this: Heartbeat Interval: 1000
Heartbeat Timeout: 15000
Heartbeat Port: 8044
Multicast Address: You can change the time out by: “AAM> setfailuredetectiontime 10000” To change this to 10 seconds You need to do this on all the members of the HA cluster.
The failover should kicks in by default setting when one member of the HA cluster lost network or powered down Hope this helps]]>

Vista’s retarded "Sleep" problem

Description of the problem:
I have a new Dell Dimension E521, AMD 64 X2, 2G memory, 250 G harddrive, with Vista Home Premium. After using the sleep command on the start menu, the computer and monitor will enter sleep mode for only about 15 seconds and then rousing itsefl to reemerge to full wakefulness. In the interest of power conservation, how can I put the system to sleep until needed? Any tricks with the advance power control options? Thanks in advance. Bill I found the fix here: … ID=2440209 “The problem was my internet connection kept waking up the computer. I now can put the computer into sleep mode. Try the following: Go to Device Manager and select Network Adapters and expand. For me I only have a Broadcom 440X 10/100 Integrated Controller. Double click to get to the Controller Properties menu. First go to Power Management and select “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power.” I tried this alone at first and the computer would still awaken. I then found under the Advanced menu the “Wake up capabilities” setting and selected “None.” Now when I put the computer to sleep the “PC link” led goes off on the cable modem and the computer stays asleep until I choose to awaken it. See if this works for you. Bill”]]>

update …

If the offset is at 128 rather than 63, this won’t work. What you’ve done will not have hurt it though; you just need to rewrite it again. Go through the same process except after it’s done, go to x for expert mode, then b for byte and start it at 128. This is the case when creating vmfs volumes in Virtual Center 2.0.1 or higher.