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Freeze your credit file!

I’m not one of those crazy fear mongers that like to talk about the end of the world, etc. I am an pessimist most of the time though. There’s been tons of blog posts and even the media has told … Continue reading

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My travel packing checklist

I wrote this list mainly for myself, but thought maybe others could benefit from this. No matter how much experience you have traveling, I think you’ll always run into something you forget. Hopefully this list can help you minimize those … Continue reading

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Don’t buy/give gift cards! Store bought Visa gift cards are unsafe!

Unless someone really wants a gift card like the ones in the photo, I would not recommend it! They’re unsafe and prone to hacking. I’ve been burnt twice now for over $600 with no recourse. I bought these because I … Continue reading

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On the opposite sex …

Some interesting paraphrased quotes on the opposite sex from Chinese films. “Men will treat you well because you have value. As that value diminishes, you’ll see they’ll stop.” -paraphrased from The Enchanting Phantom “Women all know how to trick people … Continue reading

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Love and breakup and love again

Here are a couple of videos that I find profound and very interesting. Unsurprisingly, they’re videos from a couple of my favorite Chinese actresses. The first one is with Li Yitong 李一桐. I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing … Continue reading

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3 Steps to shop for the best deals and get the maximum amount of points online!

While shopping this holiday season, don’t leave travel points or rebates on the table! A lot of people, myself included, often will just go straight to Amazon or eBay for certain things without even thinking about shopping around for the … Continue reading

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Making Bob’s Red mill pancakes palatable

I normally love Bob’s red mill products. I enjoy their organic soy beans, organic oatmeal, flax seeds, beans, you name it. That said, their multigrain pancake and waffle mix is just plain disgusting. I’ve followed their instructions on the package … Continue reading

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The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. – Bruce Lee

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The United States of Spain or Mexico!?

I just bought a refurbished printer/scanner from the Epson store online and with it came a quick start guide and manual, but the manual only came in Spanish! WTF!? Did I buy the device in Mexico or the US!? What’s … Continue reading

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What’s the coolest stamp you have on your passport?

Mine is Hungary. We drove from Austria to Hungary and they gave me a stamp of a little car. It’s blown up a little bit here. Pretty cool, eh?

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