City View Restaurant – San Francisco – bad

662 Commercial Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 398-2838 “Sorry guys, I can only give it 1 star and that’s being generous because I’m giving it the star based on cleanliness. It’s clean compared to most Chinese restaurants. The dim sum is between mediocre to poor and Chinatown being so close by, I’d much rather walk to Chinatown and pick some up there and get similar quality and pay half the price. Koi Palace I still find is the best – I occasionally get bad food there, but it’s still the best on average. Here’s my analysis:
– cleanliness +1
– no hostess at the door – I didn’t even know what to do – just walk in and see a small barrier in front – should I seat myself? wasn’t sure -1
– waiter asked if I wanted tea – didn’t bother to ask what kind of tea … just tea … and brought a couple of cups and a pot. -1
– they all tried to speak English – this is good with non-Chinese speaking folks, but they didn’t understand me in English! I asked for vinegar 3x! So I asked in Chinese. -1
– shu mai – okay. was good compared to everything else. +1
– some good uncommon dishes – mostly fried, but they were good +1
– sand in my scallop gow (pretty common as it’s hard to clean, but the scallop seemed to have been processed – didn’t have the chewy texture -1
– ha gow – bad texture – soft and now chewy -1
– near the end of closing, a guy walked up and mumbled – I didn’t know what he said (it was something in Chinese), so I just shook my head and he took the check and calculated it -1 My girlfried said this place was almost like Koi Palace. Sorry… food quality is not even close. Price is a bit high too – I think it may be around the same. This place wouldn’t be my choice – ever.”]]>

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