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Re: quick way of setting up NTP on your ESX host.

To allow incoming, you’ll need to do esxcfg-firewall -o 123,udp,in,ntpServer Also, make sure that you don’t have in your /etc/ntp.confrestrict default ignore If you do, just put a # in front of it.

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Epictetus – what you would be …

First say to yourself what you would be; and then dowhat you have to do.” Epictetus: Ancient Greek philosopher[ad#ad-1]

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Dr. Tom Morris on Thoughts

“We need to understand that thoughts are tools. Are we using them as productively as we can? Are our thoughts serving us well, or are we their victims? It’s up to us.” Dr. Tom Morris: Business speaker; chairman of Morris … Continue reading

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WinXP doesn’t hibernate if RAM is ~2gb or more. Here’s the hotfix: … LIVED.aspx To prepare the computer to hibernate, the Windows kernel power manager requires a block of contiguous memory. The size of this contiguous memory is proportional to the number of physical memory regions … Continue reading

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ESX 3.5 RC1 runs beautifully on a Dell SC1430!

I was expecting that there might be some problems since it’s not on the HCL, but it seems it runs perfectly! SATA worked just fine! Created VMFS partitions right on the SATA drives! The broadcom nic was supported using the … Continue reading

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