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Using 2 ISPs at the same time, any routers!

I have another blog posting where I talk about how to use 2 ISPs at the same time and the router load balances the outbound connections. Since then, I’ve upgraded my other Internet connection such that it’s not even worth … Continue reading

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Don’t skip inutoc . !!! (AIX)

I’m not an AIX expert. I’ve only been on an AIX command line probably 3-4 hours at the most in my entire career. I just know that when you’re installing AIX packages, make sure you run inutoc . I have … Continue reading

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Binge watching the Condor Trilogy series

Thanks to the Corona virus, the people of San Francisco have been sheltered in. One of the things that I’ve enjoyed doing is watching the Condor Trilogy 射鵰三部曲 series. I got the idea of doing this because of nostalgia. I … Continue reading

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Rebroadcast your neighbor’s wifi for yourself (wifi extender) with Tomato firmware

My parents recently swapped Internet providers and since they didn’t know that it would take a week for the application to be completed, they were out of Internet service for about a week. The neighbors graciously allowed them to use … Continue reading

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