ESX 3.0.x – vmware-hostd is not cool …

If you’re using autostart for your VMs. You’ll have to be very careful because it will SHUTDOWN your VMs!

The way autostart works in 3.0.x is that your autostart will automatically start the VMs with hostd and shutdown with hostd, so you don’t want to be restarting mgmt-vmware if you’re using autostart for your VMs.

interesting iSCSI – started w/ snapshot luns / resignature

“Error: Invalid vmhba name at position 1” uhhh … okay … And when you try logging into VC, vpxa crashes and you get:
Failed to serialize result of method vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.waitForUpdates: You get “Failed to serialize result” when logging into the host directly via the VIC as well, but it doesn’t crash vmware-hostd. So now what??? Well, we checked the SAN and it showed that the LUNs were presented properly. Then, we found that running:
killall -HUP vmkiscsid and then running:
esxcfg-rescan vmhba40
got us going again. Of course, we got the snapshot LUN problem again, so we just set the DisallowSnapshotLun to 0 and EnableResignature to 1 and then rescanned and it resignatured and changed the values back immediately after.]]>