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asinine espn bar management

Hmmm … So, we went to the ESPN bar on the Boardwalk Disney in Orlando and expect just some typical bar food and a drink before going home and back to bed just after midnight last Thursday evening and we … Continue reading

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The Evolve Showerhead WON’T save you an ounce of water!

My friend Larry Adkins reviews shower heads online, and he says it’s not EXACTLY a scam. It just won’t save you any water if you’re not the type that turns on the water and walks away. It must have either … Continue reading

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DSL Extreme really, really sucks…if your service goes out.

Well, the service is great if it’s working. If you look at my hosting provider, it’s DSL Extreme. My service was down for almost the entire month of July because DSL Extreme technical support was incompetent enough to solve my … Continue reading

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