The United States of Spain or Mexico!?

I just bought a refurbished printer/scanner from the Epson store online and with it came a quick start guide and manual, but the manual only came in Spanish! WTF!? Did I buy the device in Mexico or the US!? What’s the United States coming to!? Last time I looked, the United States’ national language was English! You can confirm that here too! Then, I got a motion detector light because at my house, the street lights aren’t directly across from my house, so I can’t see where to stick the key in at night. Going by my sense of touch just wasn’t enough, so I decided to get one of those. It’s the model E100WSB-C made by EML Technologies, LLC. Why the heck did it only include instructions in Spanish!? Do they assume that most installers are Mexicans or of South American descent? I can understand having both languages, but really can’t understand Spanish only. It makes no sense to me.

If you can guess, I’m totally against education of subjects other than foreign language in a foreign language as well. I don’t see why school systems need to teach mathematics in Spanish or history in Spanish in the United States. I think that if you come to this country, you should be learning the national language.

Also, when was the last time you dialed into an automated system and heard, “For English, press 1”? I don’t remember not hearing that!

I’m open to comments. 🙂

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