On the opposite sex …

Some interesting paraphrased quotes on the opposite sex from Chinese films.

“Men will treat you well because you have value. As that value diminishes, you’ll see they’ll stop.” -paraphrased from The Enchanting Phantom

“Women all know how to trick people (men). The prettier they are, the better they are at it.” -paraphrased from Heavenly Sword, Dragon Saber.

张馨予 Zhang Xinyu (Viann) as 康敏 Kang Min in The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部. I normally root for the bad guys in the movies, but in this drama, this woman is pure evil, but so gorgeous. I get so excited to see her on screen, but I’m afraid to see what she does to people!
True! At least there’s no way I can!

Love and breakup and love again

Here are a couple of videos that I find profound and very interesting. Unsurprisingly, they’re videos from a couple of my favorite Chinese actresses.

The first one is with Li Yitong 李一桐. I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing her in The Legend of the Condor Heroes. http://www.iqiyi.com/lib/m_208895914.html. In this video, she does a great narrative about breakup. Please watch the video if you could. The gist of it is that you should enjoy what you have. While you’re enjoying it however, you might be too busy enjoying it that you’re not spending the time to cherish it. You also don’t think you’ll ever lose it. Over time, things change and people drift apart. For her, he had known all of her weaknesses, all but one. Her biggest fear however was knowing one day that she wasn’t able to marry the guy. Well, she’s gotten used to not having him. Moving on, she wishes him well, thanks him for the memories and thanks him for allowing her to love her. Basically, be grateful. How profound!

With Athena, this was a quick replay of A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box 西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒, a film that I’ve seen a couple of times and undoubtedly will watch at least couple more. Also about love – interesting that she says that if you’re not in a loving relationship, leave. There’s someone else out there that’s waiting for you. I certainly hope that’s true. I don’t know if it is, but I do think it’s a beautiful story.

Sorry there are no English subtitles. If you have a link with some, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the link.