Dropbox, OwnCloud? OneDrive? Which one? or all of them?

 Drew Houston did the world a favor when found USB sticks becoming inconvenient and founding Dropbox in 2007. Everybody I knew that started using it loved it, especially for collaboration on projects. Another use case that I loved it for was backup. I use it now so that I have a copy of my data elsewhere in case my laptop or whatever I’m using blows up. After seeing Dropbox gaining tracking, many other companies followed suit, including Google Drive, Microsoft, and Box. The ones I use are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive because it comes with my Office 365 account with work, and OwnCloud.What’s OwnCloud? It’s an open source version. It’s one that allows you to keep all of your data in the datacenter or wherever you choose to host it, instead of on someone else’s cloud. It could even be on-premise.

Do you need to choose between the different vendors? Well, there is a way to use them or at least some of them simultaneously. The way I do it is have OwnCloud synced with my Documents folder. All of my work that I want to save is always written there. Inside of the Documents folder, I’ll have one folder for Dropbox and another for OneDrive. This way, OwnCloud backs up everything I have in both, Dropbox and OneDrive. I then keep everything that’s personal in Dropbox and everything that I want to share at work on OneDrive.

Hope this helps someone out there! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dropbox, OwnCloud? OneDrive? Which one? or all of them?”

  1. I use NextCloud myself, a fork of OwnCloud. It is much better in terms of security and has many features that OwnCloud lacks. GitHub also shows about 3x as much activity for NextCloud, which bodes well for it.

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