Caveats of using a privacy screen

I love my privacy screen on my laptop. I can work with a little more security, thinking that as like it’s less likely that someone is watching what I’m doing. That said, and there are some trade-offs. One of them is if you want to collaborate with someone, it’s harder for them to see your screen. You’ll need to be sitting directly in front of the screen, so both people will need to be sitting pretty close to each other. On a phone, The same issues apply. Except often, people like to make videos or take photos and if you’re taking photos away or example if you have to raise your arm up and try to snap a photo of something down like if you’re at a ball game or if you want to take a selfie, it will be more difficult. It’s more likely that you won’t even see yourself or see what you’re filming or taking a photo of. On top of this, other issues including when you if you’re watching high definition movies, you lose a little bit of picture. It does not look as good as if you were watching without the privacy filter. And also, you will need to adjust the brightness of your screen. On the phone, this causes another big problem.The battery does not last as long and the phone gets hot very quickly. All that said, I still prefer my privacy and I will continue to use my privacy screens on both my laptop and my phone. I just need to remove it when working with others or if I’m in the sun or driving.

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