Omaha steaks is awesome!

(1 pkg.) Boneless Pork Chop 4/4 Oz
(1 pkg.) Stfd Sole W/scps&crb 2/4.5
(1 pkg.) Gourmet Franks 8/3
(1 pkg.) Chicken Breasts 4/4 Oz
(1 pkg.) Potatoes Stfd Baked 4/5.75 Oz
Omaha Steaks Burgers 12 It was so amazing – I couldn’t believe that they could ship UPS and it would stay frozen for so many days. (I was cheap – did ground shipping) I just cooked 2 of the Top Sirloins and man they were awesome! I didn’t even bother to thaw it – just cooked it on top of a frying pan and threw some garlic salt on it. Had one of the stuffed potatoes along with it and some frozen corn/peas (didn’t come with it). whew! what a meal! Their website is: Highly recommended if you can get a deal like mine!]]>

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