Who Am I?


It’s getting harder and harder to hide in today’s world. Just face it. You have no security. So why not tell your own story before someone else does? I’ve been in tech for about 14 years. I started my career at Sun Microsystems, where I learned a lot of about Unix, Linux, troubleshooting, and SMTP. While knowing SMTP and email isn’t that important anymore, The POSIX base that I picked up at Sun is still very relevant today. I have a Terminal open in my Mac almost as much as I have a browser open.

The Sun gig was a good foundation for my next stop at VMware. At VMware, I had the great fortune to learn more Linux, and then a nice turning point in my career moving into Strategic Alliances, I had the opportunity of technical enablement for VMware’s partners and getting them to build things align with VMware’s vision. My next stop took me to Neverfail, a company that built VMware’s vCenter Server Heartbeat product, that VMware OEM’d. There, I served as the Director of OEM Technical Account Management, covering all of the OEM accounts, including VMware, Solarwinds, and E-Vault. When VMware decided to discontinue Heartbeat, it was time for me to move on. The next step in my career took me to Riverbed as a Storage Solutions Architect. Riverbed gave me the opportunity to do some Technical Marketing papers, videos, scripting, and a lot of the fun VMware things that I had been used to doing. The scripting was fun because I was scripting against storage arrays, VMware, and OSes, giving me the opportunity to learn different APIs. This set me up for a Professional Services Consultant gig at Illumio. Illumio is an established and well-funded security software start-up.

You can find more details about me here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/altonyu

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