Speed Scrabble┬« – what an awesome game!

I’ve been a Scrabble fan for a long time. Because I didn’t do well playing it as a kid, I figured, I’m a grown-up now – the same handicap I had back then no longer applies, so I’m going to learn and be the best I could at it. I think a lot of the skills I learned playing Boggle helped me in Scrabble as well.

Anyways, a good friend’s wife, Barbara, just introduced me to a game called Speed Scrabble. Here’s a link to the rules:


We played pretty much that way except that we started with 4 tiles instead of 7.

I was instantly impressed after learning how much faster the game goes and how the flexibility of being able to rearrange tiles on the fly. There’s obviously a different strategy in playing the game and I’m probably going to play this game more often.