FATAL: invalid value for parameter “TimeZone”: “America/Los_Angeles” with DBeaver

I got that message when trying to use DBeaver to connect to a PostgreSQL DB.

FATAL: invalid value for parameter "TimeZone": "America/Los_Angeles"

I found the fix here. The first thing to check is the timezone you have set on the Postgres db itself. You can do this by running “SELECT * FROM pg_timezone_names;”.

Here’s an example:

avenger_agent_prod=# SELECT * FROM pg_timezone_names;
name | abbrev | utc_offset | is_dst
UTC | UTC | 00:00:00 | f
(1 row)

The fix is to make a small change the dbeaver.ini file in DBeaver root directory. If you installed this on a Mac, the file is in /Applications/DBeaver.app/Contents/Eclipse/

Just add:

# START: change jre version, not using the one in %JAVA_HOME%
# JVM settings
# time zone
# language

When you restart DBeaver, it should connect.