Why you should use Bing instead of Google!

There are a number of reasons why I like Bing over Google, but the main reason is because Bing pays me for each search I make and Google doesn’t. It’s worth just under a penny per search, but it’s not nothing consider I do a number of searches daily and also use it as a decent news source. The Bing rewards pays for all of my Skype usage, which is probably about $5/month and once in a while, I grab $5 Amazon or Target gift cards.

I find the quality of the content to be similar *most* of the time. I do searching on Google probably less than 5% of the time – mostly for doing reverse lookup of phone numbers that call me.

I would encourage you to try out Bing for yourself! Join the rewards programs and reap the benefits! Here’s my referral link. https://account.microsoft.com/rewards/rafwelcome?rh=D40EAE1A&ref=7510 (I get points if you sign up using this link.)

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