Does the nightlight bother you on the Prince Lionheart diaper wipe warmer?

First off, we love our Prince Lionheart diaper wipe warmer. A friend of ours convinced us to buy one when he said, “How would you like it if someone put a wet towel to your butt in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep?”. So, we got one. That said though, our little one sometimes does get unhappy when it’s not available – i.e. when changing her outside or at a restaurant or a friend’s house.

A couple of issues I have with it though is 1) there’s no adjustable temperature. The wipes feel like they get cold really fast (once you take it out), but it’s still much better than wipes that aren’t warmed at all. 2) The nightlight keeps me awake at night.

I don’t know how I could hack it to adjust the temperature, but if you want to remove the nightlight, I can show you how. Just don’t do it the way I did!

So here are the steps:

The warmer opens up with just 4 Phillips screws. 2 of which are under a couple of the pads that keep the warmer propped up. Just remove the pads and remove the screws as shown in the picture.




When it opens up, you’ll see that the warmer is built very simply. It’s just a styrofoam insulated box with a hot plate and the little LED nightlight!

To remove the nightlight, all you need to do is snip one of the wires going to the nightlight. Just don’t do it where I did! The idiot in me for some reason thought the shrink tubing was just used to connect a couple of wires. Well, it was. The problem was, that there was a diode or resistor or something (I never took any electronics classes, so I don’t know!) in there that I cut in half! Now, unless I ever replace that component, I will probably never have the light working again.

One drawback to turning the light off is that you don’t know when the warmer is turned on or off. Since there’s no off switch, I guess you can assume that it’s on when it’s plugged in. Otherwise, it works as designed.

Here are some other pictures of what the warmer looks like on the inside. Any questions?




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3 Responses to Does the nightlight bother you on the Prince Lionheart diaper wipe warmer?

  1. Lenette says:

    Told you the warmer was awesome!
    1) could of just put a sticker over the light, but your way works too.
    2) do you have the moist pad inside the warmer? You need to replenish the water on a regular basis or else it will burn.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Lenette! haha .. thanks for the response. Yes, I know I could’ve just covered it up – I tried with different things, but light would shine through a lot of stuff. I just thought I’d shut it off. 🙂

    I normally wash the little pad once every couple of weeks. It does change color a little bit depending on the wipes I use.

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the tips! I pulled the little LED out of the spot where it was and just covered it with electrical tape and put it back in there along the side! Voila! No light. And now I can still use the night light later if I want. Thanks again!

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