Adventures in the quest to install Lion on my MacBook Pro …

This was pretty fun. I had to install a new HD in my Mac. Since Lion was out and I was still on Snow Leopard, I figured I might as well upgrade that too. I downloaded and burned it on a dvd. I figured, After swapping out the hard drive, I could install from DVD. Unfortunately, the DVD didn’t read. Damn! It was a pain to swap the disks and I didn’t want to do it again. So I tried booting from USB – attached the old disk to a usb enclosure and it booted! Linux couldn’t do that! Windows couldn’t do that! This was awesome. From there, I was able to just install Lion via the downloaded dmg file and pointed the install to the newly installed disk.

By the way, trying to burn a dmg file on Linux or Windows is a pain in the ass. I tried with both and gave up after about an hour of google searches and trying different converter products.

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