reset root password in mysql

DBS” wrote:

> I have a problem, It’s been months since I used MySQL and (I believe) I had

> set it up with a root password. Now I can’t log on to MySQL as root MySQL

> user and create a new user or manage an existing user (I can log onto server

Familiar situation. :)

Do so:

service mysql stop

wait until MySQL shuts down. Then run

mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables &

then you will be able to login as root with no password.

mysql -uroot mysql

In MySQL command line prompt issue the following command:

UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD(“abcd”) WHERE user=”root”;


At this time your root password is reset to “abcd” and MySQL will now

know the privileges and you’ll be able to login with your new password:

mysql -uroot -pabcd mysql

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