interesting iSCSI – started w/ snapshot luns / resignature

“Error: Invalid vmhba name at position 1” uhhh … okay … And when you try logging into VC, vpxa crashes and you get:
Failed to serialize result of method vmodl.query.PropertyCollector.waitForUpdates: You get “Failed to serialize result” when logging into the host directly via the VIC as well, but it doesn’t crash vmware-hostd. So now what??? Well, we checked the SAN and it showed that the LUNs were presented properly. Then, we found that running:
killall -HUP vmkiscsid and then running:
esxcfg-rescan vmhba40
got us going again. Of course, we got the snapshot LUN problem again, so we just set the DisallowSnapshotLun to 0 and EnableResignature to 1 and then rescanned and it resignatured and changed the values back immediately after.]]>

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