Fiber Channel – Node Types

    Used in Point to Point or Switched Fabric topologies.
    N_Ports are connected to each other through the fabric topology.
    Found on HBAs and Storage Processors.
F_PORT (Fabric Ports)
    Used in a Switch Fabric topology.
    Found on a switch – enables HBA & Storage Processor to connect.
NL_PORT (Arbitrated Loop)
    Supports Arbitrated Loop topology.
    These ports are found on HBAs & Storage Processors.
FL_PORT (Fabric port with Arbitrated Loop capabilities)
    Ports on a switch that support connecting to an Arbitrated Loop.
E_PORT (Extension Port)
    Extension port for interconnecting switches in a multi switch fabric.
    Ports on a switch that connect other switches to the fabric.
G_PORT (Generic Port)
    It can be configured to either an E_Port or an F_Port.
    These ports are found on a switch, not on a HBA or an SP.

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