ESX VMkernel doesn’t load 0xbad0013

After install process completes, on first boot of ESX system the following error messages appear:

VGA: 297: VGA start b8000 end c0000 mapped start c00b8000 char height 16

VGA: 397:

VGA: 425: 0

Console: switching to colour VMNIX-VGA 80×25

VGA: 465: 0

Console: switching to colour VGA+ 80×25

WARNING: Mod: 2434: Initialization of vmkernel failed, status 0xbad0013

Mod: 4406: Waiting for vmklogger to dump log buffer…

Warning: Mod: 4429: Dumping vmkernel log buffer (5162 bytes):

after the rest of the Service console loads it indicates that a critical error and that the vmkernel didn’t load

We’re running on an HP DL385 (dual opeteron at 2.6 GHz) running the VMware Starter edition off of an array.

Strange – the solution of the problem was just to put the DIMMs into the right place – the memory was placed incorrectly as we didn’t read the decals on the box. hehe…

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