don’t smoke someone else’s weed …

at least don’t smoke it from someone you don’t know … recently, just talked to a cop friend and he was telling me about all of the dangerous stuff out there. For all of you out there that think that the cops will confiscate your weed and smoke it themselves, you may be right, but may not be. It’s scary to smoke someone else’s stuff when they don’t know what’s in it. There could be all kinds of hallucinogens or what have you inside of it. He proceeded to tell me about a small bottle he found in someone’s pocket. It was a small clear bottle – he thought about opening it up and sniffing it, but luckily, changed his mind and took it to the crime lab. Turns out, if he did, he would’ve had a massive headache and perhaps a small at the least and death at worst. Horrible huh? He picked it up from some woman that was passed out at a rave. Interesting huh?

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