BSOD STOP 7F in Windows VM.

The problem could be with LANDesk client software if you use it. Uninstall it as it may interfere with VMware-tools.

vmx file parameters monitor_control.disable_apic= “TRUE” |”FALSE”
Disable VM APIC (interupt) Mode workload=”TerminalServices”
Enable support for Windows Terminal Service e Metaframe tools.syncTime= “TRUE” |”FALSE”
Enable/Disable Time Synchronization keyboard.typematicMinDelay = ┬Ás
Delay auto repeat autostart=”poweron”
Autostart VM when ESX start tools.remindInstall = “FALSE” |”TRUE”
Turning Off Warning about VMware Tools Version autostart.delay=”n”
Wait n seconds before to start autostop=”poweroff” | “poweron”
Autostop VM when ESX stop Gui.ExitOnCliHlt= “TRUE” |”FALSE”
Wait n seconds before to stop autostop=”poweroff” | “poweron”
Autostop VM when ESX stop autostop.delay=”n”
Wait n seconds before to stop gui.restricted = “TRUE” |”FALSE”
restrict user access to the GUI edit logging = “FALSE”
Disabling Logging for a Virtual Machine Created by ESX Server log.filename = logfile
Changing the Virtual Machine’s Log File Location on a GSX Server
for Linux Host or ESX Server System gui.maxconnection = “n”
Set n console max connection svga.noOffscreen =”TRUE” | “FALSE”
enables/disables the off-screen display buffer for a VM]]>

VMs don’t power up in Cluster in a Box ESX 3 – new disks. … SAL_Public Error message: Cannot open the disk ‘/vmfs/volumes//my.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks
it depends on.
Reason: Invalid argument. Fix:
To fix this issue, run the command: # vmkfstools -c -d eagerzeroedthick This recreates the virtual machine without a lazy-zero configuration.]]>

damn … tried this and am getting:

The kernel defined by this directory of header files does not have the same

address space size as your running kernel.

Let’s see what happens if I recompile the kernel.

Virtual Center 2.0 DB settings

[2006-04-27 11:54:37.236 ‘App’ 1160 error] Failed to intialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down… You need to make the change in your registry in:
the third one should be your password in a hash. You can just reset it to and then reset the password to on the SQL server as well to get VC started up. You then go into Admin / System Settings to change your password after that.]]>